Here are descriptions of the styles of classes that we run:

Street Dance

Dance like Diversity! Students learn street dance routines and basic break dance tricks in a high energy, age-appropriate and safe class. With a dynamic mixture of practical dance and exercises, students will be challenged to learn full routines.

The class caters for all abilities and musical taste and is often split into groups to focus on styles suited to boys and girls as well as performing group routines. All students will work towards an end of term showing in the class which parents are able to attend. No experience necessary.


This class explores contemporary and lyrical dance where students learn inspirational and challenging routines which convey musicality and emotion to a wide variety of popular music.

Movements are flowing, expressive, emotive and dynamic. Students will learn basic ballet and jazz techniques including leaps, kicks, jumps, pirouettes and floor work. The class has a balance between developing technique and challenging students to learn full routines. Girls who currently attend other classes in ballet, gymnastics, jazz or modern will benefit from contemporary dance hugely.

Musical Theatre

In this exciting and high-energy class, students will work collaboratively to explore acting skills and improvisation, vocal technique and singing and musical theatre dance choreography for ensemble pieces from their favourite musicals. This class is designed for a variety of experience levels and led by a team of teachers, students often work in smaller groups to challenge their skills appropriately.

The class has an even mix of girls and boys and gives students the opportunity to have fun, grow in confidence and talent.