We have been very fortunate to receive funding from Hertfordshire Council Youth’s Big Spend programme from 2008-2010, enabling us to provide low cost access to the arts for young people who cannot afford expensive training. However, due to the current economic climate and recent cuts in government spending in the Arts, this funding will no longer be available.

We have a wider vision for the future, as a viable, unique, vibrant organisation run by young people, providing exciting opportunities for those interested in the performing arts throughout the UK and need further sponsorship.

We are currently looking support for our Dream Foundation to provide subsidised or free access for young people to performing arts training and performance opportunities who would otherwise not have access through financial hardship.

Sponsors and Patrons of the Dream Foundation

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has give us support.  If you would like to make a donation to enable us to continue our work, you can donate here.


Baroness Ashton of Upholland

Premier Sponsors

Chapman Charitable Trust
Hertfordshire County Council
High Speed One
Interactive Ideas
Karin and Chris Mann
Lord and Lady Aylesbury
Overland Charitable Trust
Peter Kellner
Sally Tanski
The Aylesford Family Charitable Trust
The Coutts Charitable Trust
The Hollick Family Charitable Trust
The Judy and Kurt Lion Trust
The Souter Charitable Trust
Virgin Media Pioneers


Alison Boden
Anita Lindeman
Ann Brooks
Claire and David Kennard
Daphne and Tom Power
Debra and Paul Zimmerman
Eric and Pauline Wilcock
Fiona James
Jillie Sutton
Liz and Stewart Mann
Mike Barkham
Monty and Bertha Jacobs
Neisha Yen-Jones
Rob Earnshaw
Ronnie Cohen
Rune Hauger
Sue and Martin Briggs
Sue Russell
The Armstrong Family
The Feavers family
The Pounde Family