About the Dream Foundation

In the wake of the 2011 riots,  Zoe Jackson MBE, founder and director of Living the Dream, said:
“Our young people are in trouble for all sorts of reasons that we don’t always understand. Young people of today are tomorrow’s leaders. They bring energy, new perspectives and a new voice to our society but sadly, much of the media presents a negative image of young people”.

The Dream Foundation was established as a registered charity and aims to provide subsidised or free access to education, training and performance opportunities, as well as open up pathways to further education and employment opportunities in the arts for young people who are at risk, and for those who would otherwise not be able to take part due to financial hardship, lack of positive role models, or lack of opportunity.

Despite their damaged image and the pressures they experience, young people continue to look for avenues to express themselves in a safe environment, work hard, be creative, have fun, make a contribution to society, feel valued and value themselves. Getting young people active and
empowered in believing in themselves and the power of their dreams, inspiring them to follow their dreams, and positively challenge themselves to work beyond the barriers they face to achieve the personal success they imagine, is a key element to the Dream Foundation and the motivating
factor for all involved in the charity and its work.

The Dream Foundation believes that young people can make a positive difference and aim to provide a platform for young people’s voices to be heard.

We believe that dance, theatre and the arts are a constructive, powerful and effective tool for
expression; a priceless way of bringing people together to use dance and performance as a way of challenging stereotypes, breaking boundaries and being heard. By encouraging young people to use dance and performance as a means of communication and self expression, positive
transformations can be made upon their self confidence and self esteem, and in turn, have a
positive social impact by getting young people proactive in achieving their goals and paving their own pathways to success.

The reason we do what we do is because there is a moment that happens for people when they perform and when they are expressing themselves.  For some people, it can end up being a
turning point and a time of change for how they feel about themselves, about what they think they are capable of, and about what is possible.

This year, as well as our Free Arts for Schools programme funded by the charity, we are working in a Secure Training Unit with a group of male young offenders age 11-18 providing dance workshops, which ultimately aim to inspire and empower, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, express themselves creatively and raise their aspirations for their future.

The Dream Foundation is built on the ethos that all young people can make a positive difference to themselves and the world, given that they are provided with the right conditions and foundations to do so.

Our dream is to help make this happen.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King

Scholarships and Bursaries

We will be offering two scholarships per year to students in our School of Performing Arts and small bursaries to young people going on to further education to help support their studies. We are also offering a small number of funded places for our Easter Showcase this year. Contact us for more information.


How to Donate

Please visit our Virgin Money Giving to make a donation.  Any contribution, however small, will be valued and appreciated.

Registered Charity Number 1148037