Dream Foundation Testimonials


Zoe Jackson certainly knows how to deliver… The I Have A Dream show told the story of breaking down the barriers that hold us back in life. The show was staged, acted and danced superbly well. At the start of the show the electrifying video scene of the famous Martin Luther King speech set up the story with his voice rumbling over a dramatic beat. It lead into a brilliant pictorial image of the fight for independence and freedom as troupe’s members began breaking out precession routines which brought the story to life.

Roy Smoothe, Just Cool

I was totally amazed from start to finish. The talent of the young people who performed in I Have a Dream went way beyond my expectations and I was totally spellbound!! Zoe, you are an inspiration and you have such passion and commitment to your cause and would not hesitate in attending other performances.

Nikki Perkins, Ultimate Promotions Ltd

The I Have a Dream show was  produced by Zoe Jackson, founder of Living the Dream.  She is a visionary, a young entrepreneur, a woman on purpose.  We need more Zoe’s in the artistic industry. Not only was I deeply touched by the underlying message of each piece but I was also incredibly moved by the company’s aura.  The show was inspiring, the dance was meaningful and the message was strong.  The words of Martin Luther King keep resonating in my mind.  A night of positivity, inspiration and… dancing dreams!

Cindy Claes, Spread Expression

Zoe created an insight into our future as a nation, using the talent of the present and taking inspiration from the past. ‘I Have A Dream’ is only the beginning.

Kane Ricca, [Control.] London Ltd